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Decision Support Systems are need of the hour. With the incumbents turning towards data reliance at commendable pace and disruptive new competitors sprouting everyday eating into the market shares, the strategy is not an on-paper exercise anymore. A strategist must be supported by smart prescriptive systems that provide space for rapid experimentation and that help strategist reach the optimal conclusion/solution without much deliberation over charts and spreadsheets.

Mego is nimble and powerful product. It provides you a complete strategy toolkit on an interface specifically engineered for Business Management personnel who don’t have to know any coding or data jargon.


If you are still planning short-term, it is only because your vision is limited by the technical capability. Strategizing for short-term gains may not always yield you organic growth and more importantly it might hurt your long-term growth prospect. Your tracking metrics must be designed and implemented to serve you with longer horizons than quarters.

Decisions only cater immediate concerns, strategy needs robust metrics that determine the direction of growth.

The heavy price you need to pay to consider the longer horizons for present decision making might seem like, it’s not worth the effort. And how often do all the stake holders involved in the process share the same vision? You need metrics projected into future based on your assumptions and rock solid number that back your strategy in decision making.

Building solutions that give you decisions in the context of your strategy is highly important and yet very complex; until now!

It is absolutely important to abstract the future planning into metrics that can be tracked in present. North star metrics play this key role in zeroing down to goals, cutting out the grey area, forcing the solution to be an optimised combination of inputs that will result in maximisation of growth.

Further call-to-action is just to choose which metric to maximise. Upon that choice of what to maximise and what strategy path to be taken; Mego assists you to take short-term decisions without losing sight of long-term growth.

Strategy Toolkit

Strategy Toolkit

From managing channel/segment-wise profitability, to building future market penetration strategies, Mego supports strategist without requiring him to have any technical knowledge.

Thought Chain Templates (TM)

Thought Chain Templates (TM)

Users’ decision making process is fed to Mego, so it gives solutions, early warning signals & root cause analysis according to their frameworks and assumptions.

North-star Metrics

North-star Metrics

Design of a “tell all” number makes understanding of your entire business simple and adds power, speed and direction to your decision making.

Market tracking metrics set

Market tracking metrics set

Mego studies surrogate information and abstracts it into business context to optimise your business based on internal information and the market landscape.


Mego is built to be your buddy in business strategy.

The simplicity of its use adds speed to your strategizing and makes it accurate without effort. The solution is built to run on a bed of predictive algorithms, so your monitoring metrics are constantly forecasting into future instead of just giving you feedback on metrics looking at the past.

The strategists of the traditional organization are hand bound by the limitation of constantly running down their strategy through technical teams to quantify their assumptions and planning for future. This makes decision making process lethargic and technical teams less efficient. The valuable time of experienced technicians is spent on the mundane routine of re-making the decision templates of the strategist. The time that otherwise could be spent on making present models more efficient and building new models for future planning.

Beyond being a cognitive tool that supports strategists’ thought process, giving them optimal decisions based on their assumptions; the tool is carefully designed to adapt into the organizational structure to optimize the entire operational management.

Decision Support Systems are an immediate necessity for all the enterprises that want to call themselves data reliant. This technological development will run the reins of businesses sooner than one might think. Irrespective of what stage of data reliance your organization is in, the difference must be immediately bridged.

Mego is built to be beyond traditional ERP or MIS systems. Even if you are not ready to adopt the business specific artificial intelligence solution, we insist you on checking out Mego to know what to expect from the application of such strategy toolkits.

To understand why a decision support system as essential for your organization as excel is for you.


Strategy Toolkit

Strategy Toolkit

Strategy is now a well developed science, thanks to the work of business theorists and leaders. The tools and techniques built out of decades of research and careful study of the processes can help you prosper in your own business.

Be it provision of feedback, suggestion of counter-measure, or projection of business metrics into future; the fundamental key is the set of assumptions and models on which these assumptions are applied. Mego learns from the user, so it is the augmentation you always wanted for your business knack.

Mego strategy toolkit gives you the flexibility to understand and implement these techniques and strategy.

Having a scientific tool that assists you with quantifiable number while you are strategizing. Mego is your buddy who gives you an informed projection of future metrics.

Reporting and exploring

Reporting and exploring

Mego provides a user-friendly interface called play area for initial adhoc reporting. You can drag and drop different fields against each other and build pivots or graphs. The play area is especially designed to make data easily readable and accessible. To support you as you explore through the data.

The insights you derive as you explore data in play area can be published onto your dashboards. Mego makes building dashboards intuitive, easy and business savvy.

The decision support system is preconfigured with dashboards for necessary KPIs, with a capability to perform root cause analysis.

The product provides a hierarchical access to the dashboards. This removes the necessity of reporting at each individual node. It  keeps all the stakeholders on the same page.

Business Planning

Business Planning

Planning is fundamental to Business management. Traditional tools do not support strategy planning. Their functional utility ceases at providing data insights.

A strategist needs numbers backing up his judgement, by simulating all the decisions taken at every stage of the process of building a business plan.

Strategist needs to know what happens in the future if he follows a particular business plan. Decision Support System hence must be hosted over a predictive platform

Mego provides you working-space to experiment with your strategy and provides you forecast of your business, should you choose to follow a particular strategy.



Early Warning Signals, Prescriptive actionables and strategy alerts complete the requirements Business management seeks from a Decision Support System.

Early warning signals act as headlights for your organisation. They show the trend of the business and potential pitfalls in the future to strategize ahead of time.

Mego abstracts planned strategy and present state of business into a set of business actionables which you can view like a prioritised to-do list.

Strategy alerts are business actionables of high priority. Mego shoots them out as notification through mail or any other preferred channel of user.


What set the M76 team apart was not just their command over figures but also their ability to generate data as useful information – the ability to slice and dice numbers




The founders of M76 are one of the few specialists tracking transportation in the country. Their understanding of strategy and application of business analytics to the domain is unmatched




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