MOBOT is a Data-based Strategy Product, a complete strategy toolkit that can give you insights into future scenarios, potential markets, the operational possibilities of business. This in turn lets you strategize ahead of time, sidestep the pitfalls of market vagaries and exploit unsurfaced opportunities.

The Automation of  Business  Processes and the ubiquity of Digitized Data means that stacks of Data cease to be mere transactions. The heaps of Data represent the webs of mystery in which  your future business strategy is shrouded, waiting to be discovered.

MOBOT Value Proposition

A Strategy tool kit for you 

Model and Simulate your future based upon Scenarios that only Data Driven insights can drive.

Consulting lnsights backed by Technology

Consulting for Business that is necessarily backed by Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology. Effectively you go far beyond Process Optimization. You get your data to actually work for you. Consulting led KPI’s that point to Business Opportunities for you.

Re-predict and Re-prescribe OptionsThe Dynamic Strategy Engine

The ability to dynamically re-design Business Scenarios, with options to dynamically re-create and re-generate the Business Strategy with changing Data, almost close to real time.



To know what you want and to know where you want to be is to know what you need to do.

Underlying MOBOT lies a complex chain of multi layered Data Processing and Insight Algorithms, Designed, Developed and Supervised by best of the breed professionals to ensure that our algorithms are nuanced well for your business.

MOBOT has been built to model your Economic Opportunity/corporate growth, as a cumulative outcome/function of informed risks that you take, and the resources that you plan for those risks through refined Mathematical models.

All these decisions need to be taken based on data that is already within your enterprise or at  its peripheries. MOBOT with its deep learning models helps a strategist understand this dependence and fine tune his Planned Strategy or innovate for a completely new one. Your strategies and risks are thus informed based on a science that runs on your very own Data.

Welcome to the horizon where your calibre and strategy meet to transform into growth.

Science for Strategy ?

A strategist often lacks  a strong scientific tool that can draw reliable signals for the future. With MOBOTTM  . He does not need to code, he can play with the numbers nevertheless.

Half a decade hence a strategist working on graphs and charts would be seen no better than a cave man playing with fire. MOBOT TM has the capability to go far beyond manipulating and presenting data. It can abstract possibilities from  Data and utilize them in strong mathematical models, converting them to actionable metrics or Insights, with  scientifically devised probabilistic models.

Data as such is too complex and varied to be useful for a strategist unless we have a powerful tool that can draw insights and model them into a business strategy. MOBOT discerns futuristic probabilities, paths and data patterns and morphs them into prescriptive business strategy, bolstering the planner’s proficiency in strategizing, without needing him to learn to code.

Opportunity Modelling

Opportunity has become a precious commodity. With the advancement of Data handling techniques, and the science of learning, it is now possible to draw out the insights hidden deep beneath the ocean of a million columns of data. MOBOT analyzes the dead weights and gaps in your value chain, optimizes your strategy and can be used to point to the latent opportunities in market. Simply BI driven Dashboards are outdated tools while MOBOT is the future of Data Analytics.

Opportunities have costs. We customize MOBOT according to your business needs so you can weigh the costs and risks of an opportunity quantitatively, and can be pointed towards actions through scientific KPI’s.  MOBOT can not only provide you with early warning signals, but also point to future market opportunities/ segments and pitfalls beforehand using insights it has discerned from the Data Patterns.

Strategy Custodians

Our team of Data Evangelists,  if engaged  in the long run would be your Strategy Custodians, continuously working on the searching for newer economic opportunities for you, driven by Data Insights. Our motto is empowering a strategist with a product which blends Consulting with a strong technology backend, thus platformizing it.  We are far different from a run of the mill Analytics Product Vendor. Our Algorithm library is periodically updated, and most are mapped to newer and richer business scenarios.