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Empowering enterprises with AI driven deep learning breakthroughs
for tackling every business decision making challenges with robust analytical power.
AI-Backed Business Booms: The Key to deriving value out of your Digital Transformation.

In recent years, AI is transforming every walk of life by enabling people to rethink how integrating information and analyzing data can help them improve and enhance their decision making ability by and not just see “wise” reports. It has brought back to life the old debate about the ROI on their Enterprise Implementations, and often heightened expectations because of peer stories on AI Implementations.

This intersection of data and AI has presented a spectrum of opportunities for the ever challenged Enterprise Leadership. We at M76 Analytics specialize in transforming Data just right so that it can lend itself to a Decision Support System, and can be effortlessly moulded by our AI algorithms, to not only spot snags in your current process, but provide you with options to tap growth opportunities for your business within an Integrated framework that can trigger alerts and discussions, while re-designing your strategy continually.


Mego is a Decision Support System built to assist your thinking and empower you by de-leveraging tech-support scaffoldings.To be able to reimagine thinking and unleash the true potential of your Enterprise Data Repository.
Simulate your future with your own hands with our “Do It Yourself” AI Toolkit built for decision-makers who necessarily need to be away from the burden of coding. We have equipped Mego with a variety of tools :

1) Cognitive Thought Tools that mimic a business leader’s flow of thinking.
2) Our unique Thought pins (™) to quickly investigate your business with ease.
3) AI driven combinations of optimiser and re-optimisers that can help to quickly narrow
down to the next best optimal scenario.


Our Thought Tools represent a unique Data Analysis and Simulation Templates, which can be used to not only probe a business phenomenon, but also evaluate future strategies.

Thought grid is an excel-like interface with all the relevant business metrics and derived business measures that can help you get a quick understanding of the throughput in any business function.

The best cell by cell visualization of your business efficiency. It integrates with our Root Cause Analysis, AI and Business Forecasting Functionalities, to mimic the numerical pad in a CEOs mind


Thought pins are usually used to quickly investigate business operations and processes; It alerts the stakeholders regarding slippages in the Process Parameters and their Impact on Business Measures. Our Unique visualization features, help see the root cause as well as its business impact measured through KPIs in the same visualization


Optimization is often hampered by the run-time needed by the software. More importantly business just does not seek one point of optimality, but a larger range, based on which it can make practical decisions.  With our AI driven, Optimal recommendation builder, you can take Business Decisions with a 360 degree view..

Build experimental business measures that act as north star metrics that guide your financial and operational strategy. Set up levers to control these business measures and play around until the scenario gives you an intuition about the control you have on your strategy.

Trigger Collaboration, simultaneously with a leader driven insight analysis. 

Get AI that works for you

Fulfill all your strategic IT KRAs, in ways that work wonders with one platform that enables,
empowers and adds value to your organization for several decades to come.


Travel and Tourism

With a myriad number of changing factors like prices, elbow rooms for negotiations, penalties, and changing customer preferences, a company invested in travel and tourism, needs to ensure that analytics and AI offer them enough support to play the dynamic role between customers, tour partners, hotel properties, logistics partners, to be able to forecast and obtain the right yield for their business. Mego’s expertise has helped reputed market leaders in the space of travel and tourism, to Control fraud, help in reducing inventories, proactive compliances and managing working capitals.
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Shipping and Logistics

One of the key features that is required in the Shipping and Logistics Industry is the ability to play with capacity exhaustion in a way that will not just reduce the cost per unit cost of transportation for the customer, but also creates a larger volume utilization throughput for the freight service provider. This requires complex AI, which takes into account not just customer shipping patterns, down to the SKU, but also intricate ways in which transport capacity is utilized. Ensure such win- win situations, only with your planning-twin- Mego.

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Retail and E-commerce

Revenue maximization and enhancement recommendations, all aided by AI. In addition to that, the creation of custom or bundled offerings, that will help increase customer traction. Propensity models which enhance customer engagement longevity, and thus increases traction, and/or the revenue bucket size.Over stacks of data, it also means self generation of customer journey map, that can drive enterprises business strategy.

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Financial Services

Build deep risk management expertise, developing a comprehensive and effective compliance and anti-financial crime programs: all powered by AI. With the M76 framework at every step you are empowered to assess ROI on your digital footprint. Mego helps businesses place resilience at the centre all while helping them avoid technological and operational disruptions. Identify risk and plan one step ahead with Mego.

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Pervasive data sensing and KPI’s on capacity and pricing sharpen your ability to shape the market and tell you where opportunities lie, enhance your revenue, increase your throughput, make the most out of your fixed assets, and the skill sets and process capabilities of your workforce. You can handle capacity planning and quality, both the decisions in one place with Mego.Improve the operational efficiency and build toward tomorrow’s supply chain. Stay ahead of trends with Mego.

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In the healthcare industry the data is expected to provide a holistic view of the complex scenarios and in real time. Mego can help in accurate diagnosis, managing obsolescence through visibility of secondary sales, management of channel commissions, product range profitability and sku recommendations.

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Inventory Management - Cut Costs

Cost Savings​

You can begin to see the impact of Mego within no time with significant cost-cuts and improved ROI.

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Responsive Decision Making​

We take into account the long-term impact of your decisions and help you foster a system that responds to unforeseen business events.

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Revenue Growth​

Our customers have reported increasing throughputs, boosting profits and growth in annual revenue all while building resilience for their enterprises’ future.

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