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What set the M76 team apart was not just their command over figures but also their ability to generate data as useful information – the ability to slice and dice numbers OXFORD UNIVERSITY


The founders of M76 are one of the few specialists tracking transportation in the country. Their understanding of strategy and application of business analytics to the domain is unmatched EDITOR IN CHIEF, GOVERNANCE

Strategy Toolkit

Strategy is now a well developed science, thanks to the work of business theorists and leaders. The tools and techniques built out of decades of research and careful study of the processes can

Reporting and exploring

Mego provides a user-friendly interface called play area for initial adhoc reporting. You can drag and drop different fields against each other and build pivots or graphs. The play area is especially designed

Business Planning

Planning is fundamental to Business management. Traditional tools do not support strategy planning. Their functional utility ceases at providing data insights. A strategist needs numbers backing up his judgement, by simulating all the


Early Warning Signals, Prescriptive actionables and strategy alerts complete the requirements Business management seeks from a Decision Support System. Early warning signals act as headlights for your organisation. They show the trend of

Strategy Toolkit

From managing channel/segment-wise profitability, to building future market penetration strategies, Mego supports strategist without requiring him to have any technical knowledge.

Your Business Alter-ego

Mego mimics decision makers’ thought process. It can be used to simulate business scenarios of probable future, strategise and restrategise for long-term and short-term decision making.

North-star Metrics

Design of a “tell all” number makes understanding of your entire business simple and adds power, speed and direction to your decision making.