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A strategy thinker often needs to depend upon a whole host of reports and other information indirectly sieved out of a multitude of Data-warehouses and Data Marts to be able to take the right decisions, and the right strategy. Invariably this would mean unavailability of preprocessed data or simply the lack of data at the right levels. A bigger handicap could be the inability to ascertain which Mathematical model is the right one to follow to arrive at the right decision.

If it were to be one time, this could be a consultants job. However if the strategy would need to be recreated or re-designed from time to time, then a mere consulting engagement might not help. It might need a different software platform that is intelligent to recreate business strategies from time to time, repeatedly learn from Data Sets, and feed them back to the strategy team. This requires an intelligent strategy bed to be created, where the business user creates a strategy by mixing and matching different sets of processed information provided to him, and thus innovate on his strategy as well as his actionable. These systems need to provide actionables, and Early warnings for the tactical strategies, as well as provide Key numerical indicators that will help plan a long-term strategy as well.

What databases were to the ERP revolution, the strategy bed will be to the Analytics Revolution. What MS Excel was to an Office, MOBOT will be a Business, the new spreadsheet of Business Strategy.