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Is Customer Journey Mapping all that simple?

Is Customer Journey Mapping all that Simple?

What is all the fuss about Customer Journey? It’s just, you offer something and your customer buys it. Let’s delve a little deeper, shall we? Today, the way all customers interact with any business has become complex. The starting points have changed, customers interact through referrals, one of a kind marketing campaigns, social media, customer service and so on and so forth. The best way to deliver an excellent start is by mapping out every touch point. However, in a complicated mobile-first, omni-channel, social-enabled world, it’s easy to fall into a few traps and make mistakes along the way. How does a human mind comprehend all the touch points and lay out the definitive path to achieve the desired result? To err is human but not for an AI platform. With the heavy influx of big data, organisations are heavily depending on these platforms to provide their customers a very customer-centric experience. Here are a few tips that may help you straighten out the journey and effectively harness the power of AI.

 Let go of the inside out approach:

Traditional marketers depend on whatever works on the inside, based on the knowledge of a few specialists and information from the siloed departments. But today it is absolutely important to understand and offer what the customer wants. To further elaborate, everything is about data, but what matters more is quickly and accurately turning data into actionable insights. The specialists can predict the outcomes in a controlled environment but what about unstructured data? The speed with which the marketing tasks are executed and implemented is a critical element that can be accomplished by Artificial Intelligence in marketing. It can help marketers scale the number of campaigns they create, determine the next best actions for customers, and then define which campaign to send to them, properly responding to their needs and wants. 

Don’t underestimate the Power of Digital Transformation:

 It’s a fact that today’s younger generation – will be tomorrow’s super-spenders, this generation has a more favourable view of a brand or organisation if their customer service portal is mobile responsive, social media savvy and responds to the needs of the generation. With the correct AI platform, all this data collected via digital media can provide opportunities for marketers to understand their efforts and accurately attribute value across channels. 

Leveraging the power of Digital in Customer Journey

A Closer Look to the Job Spec: 

To successfully establish a campaign, data is as important as the minds that will execute the very same campaign. Today, soft skills and technical knowledge are vital for success.  In a world where all the organisations are adopting and adapting to AI, a special requirement is to employ people  who are change-oriented, forward thinking with a transformative vision and who share their ability to adapt, are technically literate and think strategically. Simply shifting to all things AI will not solve all your problems. 

What do you think about these tips? Let us know if this was helpful in nurturing your growing consumer segment that only wants and expects to shop in a mobile, self-serve environment. Take a look at your offering on a smartphone or tablet – is it mobile responsive and are there features that accelerate and enhance the overall experience such as click to call for assistance? If you hit a roadblock, just book an appointment with our Experts, who can guide you through effective techniques and implementation of our AI software- Mego. Your management Alter Ego. 

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