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4 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry


What is Big Data?

Big data is a collection of data that is massive, unable to store and is difficult to analyze using traditional data processing methods. The nature of data comes in various forms like – structured, semi-structured and unstructured. 

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is the process of gaining insights, understanding patterns, trends, correlations and market trends. Big data helps in identifying new opportunities, making better decisions, preventing fraudulent activities and many more. Big data consists of a huge amount of information with a lot of data which doesn’t require traditional data processing applications.

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is generating large amounts of data, big data is helping them by providing them with solutions to simplifying processes and improving work efficiency. With Big Data Analytics, the healthcare industry is beneficial in multiple ways. Big Data helps in providing accurate solutions, faster and efficient analysis. Artificial Intelligence performs predictive analytics which helps in taking actions to give the best services to the patients. 

Following are the some of the ways big data is revolutionizing the healthcare industry:

Medical Diagnosis

Big Data and the Internet of Things play an important role in understanding the health of the patient. Technology advances have led to wearables that measure sleep, exercise,etc. This data helps in maintaining the blood pressures, sugar levels and many more. With present data collected, it helps to monitor future risks and maintain full body health. 

 For patients suffering from any disease, Big Data helps in determining the amount of risks associated with it which helps in reducing risk and improves cost reduction.

Security Breach 

Predictive Analytics has proved to be an efficient and successful way to prevent fraud. Big data has helped in cutting the cost with its intelligence. Data breaching leads to data loss, but with big data analytics the frauds are detected and reduces erroneous billing practices. As data may be unstructured, big data helps in managing the data with complete efficiency and with very precise outcomes.


Surveillance with big data helps in determining public health. The data generated helps in understanding behavior, incidents, occurrences and environmental changes.  With these insights, managing health becomes efficient with proper allocation and prevention to control diseases. 

Virtual Healthcare

Big data helps in providing service without going to any healthcare facility. With technological tools such as telephones, images and videos which doesn’t require physical presence at the healthcare facility. It fulfills the objective of providing the best possible service to its patients. With technological applications, one can easily provide fitness goals, diet plans and all the other factors required to stay healthy.

Healthcare analytics will revolutionize the healthcare industry with its analytics tools and services. They will help in reducing time required to complete processes. It will change the healthcare industry with advancements in technology. 

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