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About us

Our Core Values

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Our company is driven to solve tough problems through innovative, groundbreaking analytics solutions.

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We adhere to a code of absolute honesty. Regardless of the news delivered, every communication starts with incorruptible integrity.

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Our focus is on delivering value to our clients and partners, and opening advancement opportunities for our leading partners and service professionals. We do not compromise our focus for short-term gain.

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We succeed when you succeed. We pride ourselves on our heavy teamwork focus, which enables us to achieve mutually beneficial results with both our clients and partners.

M76 Analytics, a global business strategy evangelists and advisory firm, launched by the alumni of IIT- Bombay has been revolutionizing the Data Analytics Industry by helping build enterprises and business strategies with big data and mathematical excellence at its core . Since 2013 we have assisted our clients in creating elegant analytic solutions irrespective of the stage of Data Reliance of the clients, by analysing opportunities and risks and related costs based on the end-to-end data modelling capabilities. Our promise is to hand hold them through their Digital Transformation. To help them become equipped to handle the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

"Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme beauty, a beauty cold and austere like that of sculpture."

-Bertrand Russell

With a total man years experience of 45 years in Business Consulting, our solutions leverage data, transform it to knowledge and deliver it to the right individuals at the time. Amidst all the growth, rapid digitization and analytical transformation and serving nearly __ business enterprises, our motto has remained static: Helping businesses move from Reporting to Decision Science.

New IP leads to new toolkits and frameworks, which in turn lead to further automation and technology products. We expect that as artificial intelligence and big data capabilities improve, the pace of productization (Of Consulting Services) will increase.

– Value prop from the portals of Harvard Business Review October 2013

We aim to strong arm both individual firms and fast growing business organisations with large data footprints with the ability to seamlessly address the analytics, integrate data and create a digital ecosystem that fosters continuous market excellence.