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Strategy Toolkit

From managing channel/segment-wise profitability, to building future market penetration strategies, Mego supports strategist without requiring him to have any technical knowledge.

Your Business Alter-ego

Mego mimics decision makers’ thought process. It can be used to simulate business scenarios of probable future, strategise and restrategise for long-term and short-term decision making.

North-star Metrics

Design of a “tell all” number makes understanding of your entire business simple and adds power, speed and direction to your decision making.

Market tracking metrics set

Mego studies surrogate information and abstracts it into business context to optimise your business based on internal information and the market landscape.

Business Analytics and Optimization Joined at the Hip

Introduction: Equipping the organization with its essential reporting backbone was in vogue in the 90s and it evolved drastically as we moved in the first decade of the new millennium. While the representations


The Client: One of the largest private sector General Insurance Company in India Client Background: Leading private sector General Insurance Company in India with a Gross Written Premium of several billion dollars and