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Whether it is for growth or demand Business Forecasting is a very critical part of business operations. Traditional univariate and multivariate models of forecasting have become redundant and do not give the ultimate insights to support business decisions. Instead, an AI based model can take different factors into consideration and produce significant results that take into consideration the correlations and patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Mego’s simulators understand the impact of every decision all the way from data pre-processing to gaining business insights.

Business Forecasting - Free yourself of operational complexity

Create and Review your Customised Models

Free yourself of operational complexity

Filter out the noise with Mego and target the issues that matter the most. Create models for utmost accuracy that help you find and fix performance issues quickly.Mego's ability to model complex data and blend it with advanced data architectures, helps you understand exactly what you need to do, to get where you want to. Ensure constant availability of insights for smooth business experiences

Business Forecasting - Free yourself of operational complexity

Root Cause Analysis

Clear Operational wins with Mego

Detecting issues early can mean the difference between a few hundreds in the revenue to losing hundreds of thousands. With Mego you can identify the roadblocks that especially when it is something outside your control. Mego detects even the slightest granules of glitches and isolates the potential cause.

Business Forecasting - Free yourself of operational complexity

Automatic Data Preparation

Stay on top of changing business trends

Data preparation can be a significant undertaking when it comes to analysis and data based decisions.. With Mego, experience an automated data preparation solution, which enables you to preprocess historical data with various algorithms to remove factors that aren’t relevant to the forecast.

For Best Business Practices

Data doesn’t hold intelligence, it holds Information. How a strategist uses this information and converts it to actionable intelligence is the key to success. Mego is your Digital Planning twin that identifies all the capacity planning constraints and ensures the planners have alternatives to intelligently exploit future capacity utilization. This also includes evaluating capacities and various constraints in a business function, to generate alternatives for the future.

Make sure you include all relevant costs, cash-flows and revenue to best understand the financial impact of different plans. Evaluate the key performance tradeoffs such as Working Capital vs Manufacturing Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Time-to-value is what we believe in. You can see positive results for custom solutions in as little as 4 weeks time-frame to configure, and the set-up takes hardly a few days.

All your concerns about data can be best addressed by our data engineers so leave yourself
in their safe hands, it might take a tad more time, but they’ve got tools to get your data
transformations going.