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The following are a few notable functional tools from Mego Library:

Thought Chain
Lets you dynamically rework your line of investigation and throws insights in accordance with the new investigation template. It can be used to delve into humongous amount of data in a readable data visualization format.

Thought Pin
Based on custom designed North Star Metrics that mimic your solution thought process, it retrieves data with business sense. It is built to automatically drill down to the root causes of business dynamics. You can use this to build a library of self-updating root-cause analysis templates, each one using its own set of assumptions. Our Business strategy custodians specialize in turning the business assumptions/intentions into North Star Metrics.

Thought Grid
A virtual simulation environment that portrays all the abstracted metrics of your overall business in a single grid. The inter-dependencies of these metrics are derived before hand from business logic and Big data. In short it can be viewed as the One Excel of entire Business that can be directly presented to the CEO. In a single screen, you can play with the performance of your business in a particular zone or channel and see how it effects your overall EBIDTA or Revenue.

Thought Sim
An elite data visualization template bolstered by algorithms that can derive future signals and calculate optimal business states and suggest actionables that are required for the chosen state transitions. This provides the strategist with everything from target based actionables to action based simulation of business. This is also a tool that can be directly used by strategist to work out different business assumptions in one place and narrow down on his options for the future planning.

Mego is designed to be a complete Business Strategy toolkit. It provides Data Intelligence and Decision support in their true spirit. With right amount of business configuration, it can act as a nervous system for your organization, taking care of all the mundane decisions of everyday and provides alert-&-assistance so that you can avert possible future hazards. Mego is more than a decision support tool, it is your Personalized Business Strategy Assistant.