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The limited availability of resources demands equitable distribution so that the supply does not become constrained. It is important to know this more than ever so that the businesses can understand the impact on their profitability and top line.
Mego enables you to study the trade-offs across Inventory, Sourcing, Merchandising, Working capital and much more. Discover cost-saving and profit-driving opportunities that eliminate capital and capacity disruption.
Capacity Management - Cash Optimisation

Cash optimization

Maximize operational efficiency with accurate cash forecasting and optimization

Maintain enough inventory, satisfy the consumer needs all, while making optimal decisions about the time and amount of supplies and retrievals. With Mego you can maximize the network availability while significantly cutting the cost of transport and non-working cash.


Capactiy Management - Promote Accountability & Drive Collaboration

Promote accountability and drive collaboration

Extend participation across functions

Promote collaboration and derive a sense of responsibility across functions to help employees understand their roles in the success of the organisation fostering productivity and helping the organisation stay on track.

Capacity Management - Real-time Performance tracker

Real-time performance tracker

Manage your initiatives and learn which initiatives are performing

Be confident that the current plans are accurately using the said resources and in the best way possible. Keep a check on the initiatives that are under-performing with Mego to allow necessary adjustments.

For Best Business Practices

Data doesn’t hold intelligence, it holds Information. How a strategist uses this information is key to success. Mego is your digital planning twin that identifies all the capacity planning constraints and ensures the planners have alternatives to intelligently exploit future capacity growth. This also includes evaluating capacities and various constraints in a business function, to generate alternatives for the future.

Make sure you include all relevant costs, cash-flows and revenue to best understand the financial impact of different plans. Evaluate the key performance tradeoffs such as working capital vs manufacturing costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Time-to-value is what we believe in. You can see positive results for custom solutions in as
little as 4 weeks time-frame to configure, and the set-up takes hardly a few days.

All your concerns about data can be best addressed by our data engineers so leave yourself
in their safe hands, it might take a tad more time, but they’ve got tools to get your data
transformations going.