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The intersection of AI driven technology and Data Science has opened a whole new gamut of new opportunities as the catalyst in the Digital Transformation journey for every modern enterprise. This liberating new technology is the game changer for every organization helping them become more Adaptive, Creative, Flexible and Innovative than ever before.

Mego assists you in adopting to a holistic Digital Transformation Strategy which works wonders for your business. Mego leverages Modern Technology and the Power of Data to create and enhance consumer experiences as well as Optimize Business Processes.

Digital Transformation - Drive Collaborations

Drive Collaborations

Drive Collaborations on Actionable Insights

Mego effortlessly supports an organization that may have varied managerial functions, and thus insight requirements, often with a melange of reporting requirements. Alert triggers could be linked to text gateways, and emails for immediate triggers. Our Discussion and Collaboration Dashboards can be designed in a jiffy, to sprint into action, no sooner you see a red or orange light.

Digital Transformation - Cut Costs

Cut costs

A powerful, easy-to-use performance management tool

Mego helps instate a system which goes beyond managing asset utilization and production objectives. It helps companies maximize performance by understanding the impact of those decisions on costs and working capital investments. The motto is Effective and Efficient.

Digital Transformation - Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Drive Organisational alignment by automating Everyday Workflow 

AI powered Automation extends to the entire automation journey. By using a combination of the Artificial intelligence and Robotic process automation organization can automate processes end to end, from discovery, automation, optimization and orchestrating work across combined human-bot teams.

For Best Business Practices

Data doesn’t hold intelligence, it holds Information. How a strategist uses this information and converts it to actionable intelligence is the key to success. Mego is your Digital Planning twin that identifies all the capacity planning constraints and ensures the planners have alternatives to intelligently exploit future capacity utilization. This also includes evaluating capacities and various constraints in a business function, to generate alternatives for the future.

Make sure you include all relevant costs, cash-flows and revenue to best understand the financial impact of different plans. Evaluate the key performance tradeoffs such as Working Capital vs Manufacturing Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Time-to-value is what we believe in. You can see positive results for custom solutions in as little as 4 weeks time-frame to configure, and the set-up takes hardly a few days.

All your concerns about data can be best addressed by our data engineers so leave yourself
in their safe hands, it might take a tad more time, but they’ve got tools to get your data
transformations going.