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If you are still planning short-term, it is only because your vision is limited by the technical capability. Strategizing for short-term gains may not always yield you organic growth and more importantly it might hurt your long-term growth prospect. Your tracking metrics must be designed and implemented to serve you with longer horizons than quarters.

Decisions only cater immediate concerns, strategy needs robust metrics that determine the direction of growth.

The heavy price you need to pay to consider the longer horizons for present decision making might seem like, it’s not worth the effort. And how often do all the stake holders involved in the process share the same vision? You need metrics projected into future based on your assumptions and rock solid numbers that back your strategy and decision making.

Building solutions that give you decisions in the context of your strategy is highly important and yet very complex… until now!

It is absolutely important to abstract the future planning into metrics that can be tracked in present. North star metrics play this key role in zeroing down to goals, cutting out the grey area, forcing the solution to be an optimised combination of inputs that will result in maximisation of growth.

Mego assists you to take short-term decisions without losing sight of long-term growth.