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The Data Analytics Journey

A Business Solution needs to have the ability to be scalable and flexible per the vision of the leader. The scalability of a solution needs to mirror the way the mind of the Business Leader cogitates. The functioning of an Enterprise Solution has to mirror its Long-term Vision and Immediate Strategy.

We believe that a one size fits all model of Data Analysis Approach, can serve little more than Data Aggregation and Disaggregation. This sort of deployment is severe injustice to the vision of the Business leader. Successful Organizations, inspite of competition are differentiated, and this differentiation rests upon the business leaders unique vision. These differentiators give them a competitive edge.

Organizations have their unique strategies by means of which they generate their competitive edge in the market. These differentiators will be strengthened only if Big Data is sufficiently utilized. A true Data Analytics solution interweaves into the day-to-day functioning of an organisation with insights, in such a way that the solution forms the Sense-and-Response system of the organisation.

The only way to stay ahead of this disruptive technology curve is to get on it right away, with the right partner.

Can Knowledge be Productized?

A bed to build your Solution: So that the calculations are robust, accurate and reusable.
Mego has a bed of business like thinking Algorithms, which can be used to generate solutions that mimic business solvers. With a team of best in breed Software Architects, Big Data Analysts with decades of experience and veterans in Operational Research from IIT Bombay, M76 has succeeded in codifying Business Scenarios across Business Verticals. We put the product under the critical eye of Business Domain experts from varied fields to make the algorithms robust and context generic.

Strategists’ Thought Processes Template: So that software can understand, mimic and support strategists’ thought processes.
Mego mimics the thought process of a business leader. Each strategist has his/her own applications of Big Data and specific style’s of Investigation. Mego understands this and makes space for the strategist to give his/her own assumptions as strategy inputs for further context specific processing. This makes the insights not only actionable, but they bring dynamism to your own business planning. This is what makes Mego more than Business Intelligence. It is a workspace specially designed for the Modern Day Strategist.

The Mego approach

A Structure to the Strategy

Mego is highly flexible and has almost no prerequisites for its deployment. It can fetch and throw data to any other standard ERP/ BI or Workflow tool that you might have.

The success of an organization’s business strategy will depend on how successfully their vision can be harmonized, orchestrated and executed in their existing solution landscape. The credibility of their success depends upon the value the solution delivers to their organization.

Our Strategy Custodians work hand in hand with your Business Leaders to Templatize the thought process of a business leader. On our platform Mego, these templates, work in a core to petal expansion to abstract more and more of your Thought Processes.

We work closely with business leaders as we set up the solution blue print. The product is designed to enable a Do it Yourself Analytics (DIYA) environment. Thus the power of Data is put into your hands.

Domain specific Navigation Metrics and Business Utilities are designed and hosted on the platform. The templates are developed so as to make them extremely Intuitive and user friendly.

In our experience these deployments are often light, as more than often the complex processing turns out to be a set of configurable algorithms on our platform. The architecture of Mego makes it very easy to adapt the platform to different Organization Structures.

A handholding phase follows deployment, to make sure that users are completely accustomed to the Mego environment.