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M76 Analytics: Making you a data-reliant organization

The information shrouded in the terabytes of your data needs YOU to interpret it. The evolution of technology and data deluge has made analytics all the more fun. The collective understanding of these data reams is now a vital tool for decision-makers. Interpretation of data should no longer be confined to coders and technological professionals. Organizations as diverse as travel and tour, life-insurance, manufacturing companies are using data to enhance their strategies. 

Businesses until now have only acquired an ability to look at Business. Reporting and eye candy visualization tools, instead of meeting Management requirements, brought into focus the gaping holes in the IT infrastructure. Above everything else, these siloed tools succeeded in making organizations feel severely under-skilled when it comes to Big Data analytics.

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M76 Analytics: Bridging gap between Big data analytics and Business requirements

Data insight driven business strategies have become an utmost priority for top level management. It promises to change the manner in which business is conducted today redesigning the core processes of the business. As data driven business plans get rooted further in the industry, it has become an increasingly vital cog in the competitive differentiation machine.

M76 Analytics is an Analytics Driven Business Solutions company that focuses on Business and Data Consultancy. It was founded in IIT Bombay by Jai Mrug. The products created by M76 provide a framework for businesses that can be applied from statistical and machine learning to real life solutions and help in the decision making process. Big Data analytics.

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M76 Analytics: Transforming enterprises with big data

Big Data grew in unique ways on its long journey. Meiosis of data reams is unraveling the potential and possibilities for Analytics-based-business-planning and execution. But, is data serving senior Business Management? With the growing business spectrum, it gets strenuous for key decision makers to analyses the processes. By providing algorithmic suites for ambitious businesses with the help of Big Data analytics, M76 Analytics has created a unique place in the technology landscape.

M76 Analytics is a niche business algorithm company providing applicable analytics support for direct consumption of Senior Business Leaders. After working for two decades in the field of Big Data Analytics, Mr. Jai Mrug, Founder and CEO of M76 Analytics, identified the crucial levers missing in the traditional Big Data software products.

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