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Mego is a software that learns from you and mimics your thought processes.  

To build a data driven culture CEOs must lead by example. As a business leader, you need not be tech savvy, but you still need to be aware of the technologies you are buying into. Especially when they cost you a fortune, in terms of time and money.

In the age of data deluge, AI is probably one of the most hyped up and hypothetical offering in the market. It is easy to buy into a third party package masquerading itself as off-the-shelf AI. But, let’s face the truth, no such Grab-as-you-go, ready-made offering would truly hold any competitive value for your business.

Before you buy into your next Business Intelligence software, to make sure it is a genuine Analytics Solution, ask yourself if the software has these three essential attributes.

Business Investigation

Investigation is one of your first milestones if you are aiming to adopt Enterprise Data Intelligence. If your software holds any intelligence value, it must help you narrow down on possible pitfalls of future and anomalies in business operations.

Mego lets you quickly investigate and diagnose your business and also prescribes mitigative actions based on the root-causes of expected business shifts.

Business Optimization

Optimal outputs are seldom implementable. But, they give you a great head start in catching the drift of decisions. Optimizers give a direction to your thought by showing what your decision could be in an ideal world, and what the other Business options.

Optimization modules should also be open to factoring-in the experimental values of control parameters. Only this can generate business options for you and help you nuance your decision.

Moreover, optimizers need to be usable. A smart optimizer should not take more than a few minutes to run, using decent computational power of a personal computer. If it takes hours together for each optimization, it would take weeks, even months together to plan your long term strategy.   

Mego uses smart combinations of optimizer-reoptimiser duos to cut down run time, with each run of optimization.

Business Scenario Simulation

You will require your intelligence support to nuance your decision around optimal to make it real. Opportunity modelling always helps, as it also lets you gauge the risks and benefits of your decisions.

Having discussed all that, do remember that the aim of all Big Data Solutions you adopt, is to build a sense and response system for your organization. One that you can rely upon.

We built Mego to achieve exactly this. Rest assured, Mego doesn’t disrupt your IT setup. On the contrary, it leverages the existing IT setup and converts Data to Decision help at scale.

Mego lets you choose the levers you want to base your decision upon and provides you sliders on your simulation screen.