Your data holds Future Signals, Business Insights, and history of Strategic Actions, Efficiencies and Performance. This information, when transformed, can itself act as the bed for a detailed strategy planning.

Business leaders need a work-space where they can play with Big Data and use cues from Business Forecast to plan strategy. This will fulfill the purpose of decades of investments into variety of Data architecture tools.

Mego is a Cognitive Business Strategy Work-space; Big Data Decipherer, Insight and Prescription mechanism. It is designed for Business Strategy and Management professionals. It empowers users to arrive at meaningful Business Insights with no technical knowledge, or statistical and numerical knowledge, to process volumes of transaction data .

It can channel, transform and process data in a format that is intuitive and readily usable by Business Management. It is equipped with powerful tools with which you can access Future Signals and play with Business Strategies.

Salient features of Mego

Mego is dynamically configurable at solution and business interface level . Its architecture lets it seamlessly adapt to any organisational structure.

The bed of predictive algorithms

Your Data Understood

Mego runs on a bed of Predictive Algorithms, built by veterans of machine learning. It constantly derives Future Signals and leverages them for decision support. The Platform enables projecting metrics into the future, that is tell you tomorrows metrics today, rather than giving you yesterdays metrics today. We have Metrics that serve as North Star Metrics for your Organization.

Insight Builder

Your Questions Answered

Business leaders can interact with Mego in business lexicon to implement queries on data. Mego presents Data in an Insight enabled format. The software architects visualization, so that it makes the most sense in the context of investigation.

Business Simulator

Simulate the way Your Mind Conjectures Future

Mego provides interactive UI, and a host of simulation tools. Mego is trained with business process knowledge. The relations between metrics are mapped and made available to various business contexts. This empowers the user to give his own strategy assumptions and/or experimental inputs, and see how these assumptions impact the related components of business.

Complete Strategy Toolkit

It’s Lego of Your Business Solutions

From basic investigative templates to advanced prescriptive simulations, Mego has got everything ready to interact seamlessly with the Big Data. This gives user the dexterity to play and experiment with ideas.

Thought Tools

Business Tools that Mimic Your Thought

Standard analytic and thinking templates of business leaders are taught to Mego. They are further configured to address specific business contexts. This is a powerful arsenal of solutions that mimic business users’ thought process. Data starts getting transformed in the very way, you would think.

Business Utilities

Business Investigation the way Your Mind Seeks

To bring complete power of data processing to the fingertips of user, Mego abstracts complicated business process templates into business utilities. You can directly evaluate different arms of organisation using North Star Metrics built specially for each one of them. Mego also provides simulation and root cause analysis capabilities, all in one place.

Early warning signals and alerts

Future Decoded for Your Understanding

Mego is built on a robust set of predictive algorithms, that constantly derive Future Signals. If any metric is moving on an undesirable path, it throws mail alerts to all concerned officials, so that they can take preemptive action for correction.

North Star Metrics

Navigating Through Your Decisions

Machine driven Decision Support with all its learning algorithms, is not going to mean much, if it doesn’t accommodate business user’s thought. Our team of strategy custodians help business users turn their business assumptions into North Star Metrics and input them to Mego. Mego further translates them to learn and mimic business users’ thought process across business scenarios.

Mego is a Leader’s business strategy assistant and an organisation’s sense-&-response system