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To find out the correct product mix and the competitive price that attracts the consumers and is profitable to the business requires technology that extends beyond spreadsheets and other available planning tools. It heavily relies on data to estimate and navigate the maze between price and profitability. With Mego you can integrate Financial Information and Operational data to discover the correct product mix, the pricing strategy and incorporate detailed information like order size, customer requests, transportation cost etc.
Price Optimization - Cut Costs

Cut Costs

A powerful, easy-to-use performance management tool

Mego helps instate a system which goes beyond simple drill down analytics, relates external data points with pricing curves, and makes it possible to generate options for meeting pricing objectives. It helps companies maximize price performance by understanding the impact of those decisions on channel costs and ability to get more market traction.

Price Optimization - Find Opportunities

Find Opportunities

Deploy the best actions and initiatives to drive improvement

Mego creates a very focused and advanced analytics solution, turning all that data into prescriptive actionable options, that help you spot new opportunities by analyzing the net-system wide impact of adding a new product to the mix or taking price-related decisions which help you drive revenue out of your business in an ever growing fashion. 

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Plan end-to-end

Support every decision with a what-if analysis

With Mego, understand the dynamics of every KPI, constraints and value across the enterprise and its relation with price. The fast, easy-to-interact interface helps employees of every skillset to easily interact, understand and collaborate making sharing of data easy and making decisions easier.

For Best Business Practices

Data doesn’t hold intelligence, it holds Information. How a strategist uses this information is key to success. Mego is your digital planning twin that identifies all the capacity planning constraints and ensures the planners have alternatives to intelligently exploit future capacity growth. This also includes evaluating capacities and various constraints in a business function, to generate alternatives for the future.

Make sure you include all relevant costs, cash-flows and revenue to best understand the financial impact of different plans. Evaluate the key performance tradeoffs such as working capital vs manufacturing costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Time-to-value is what we believe in. You can see positive results for custom solutions in as little as 4 weeks time-frame to configure, and the set-up takes hardly a few days.

All your concerns about data can be best addressed by our data engineers so leave yourself
in their safe hands, it might take a tad more time, but they’ve got tools to get your data
transformations going.