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AI powered and data driven business decisions help the decision maker take informed decisions and risks with the upside and downside known. This can be achieved with the help of resource optimization scenarios that ensures maximum ROI and Optimum Allocation of Resources.

Mego enhances business value by improving future prognosis, with multi-dimensional analysis on a forward-looking basis.

BFSI - Cutting down costs

Data Driven Business

Develop your own Sense and Response System

You can develop a Data Driven, sense and response system, which will help you to develop your own ‘nervous system’ like response to any business situation. The faster the data can be converted to a system driven choice of responses, the faster the insights and decision support get to the user.

Manufacturing icon - An AI powered Inspection Platform

Hybrid Deployment

Unlock a new compelling digital ecosystem

Build, train and deploy the smart software either on the premises or in cloud based storage or even deploy a hybrid model. Mego is a multi platform smart technology that can work effortlessly across infrastructure or even on multiple clouds.

Business Investigation icon

Extract Knowledge from Experimental Data

Churn analytics out of both structured and unstructured data

Simulate business scenarios using Mego and discover insights that enable your enterprise to easily find outliers amidst all the large, complex, sparse and noisy datasets. The platform enables guided experiments that can be applied to real-world experiments to implement the most cost-effective process and best business decisions.

For Best Business Practices

Data doesn’t hold intelligence, it holds Information. How a strategist uses this information is key to success. Mego is your digital planning twin that identifies all the capacity planning constraints and ensures the planners have alternatives to intelligently exploit future capacity growth. This also includes evaluating capacities and various constraints in a business function, to generate alternatives for the future.

Make sure you include all relevant costs, cash-flows and revenue to best understand the financial impact of different plans. Evaluate the key performance tradeoffs such as working capital vs manufacturing costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Time-to-value is what we believe in. You can see positive results for custom solutions in as little as 4 weeks time-frame to configure, and the set-up takes hardly a few days.

All your concerns about data can be best addressed by our data engineers so leave yourself
in their safe hands, it might take a tad more time, but they’ve got tools to get your data
transformations going.