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Retail and

Faster moving retail trend, variety of options available to the consumers, affordability being at the centre of product demand, need for eco-friendly packaging. All of these complexities result in overwhelming pressure to outperform competitors. With Mego you are equipped with forward-looking analytics and robust scenario simulations and analysis to optimally balance complex trade-offs. Manage logistics. Improve your performance. Drive efficiency. All with Mego.
Retail and E-commerce - Consumer Sentiment Analysis

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

Mego has expertise with a variety of proven cases when it come to sentiment masking, demand forecasting, emotion detection, visual search, personalization and recommendations making make retailers more efficient, resilient and better able to serve customers

Retail and E-commerce -Task Automation

Task Automation

Gain consumer insights, preferences and feedback simply by automating the entire process with Mego, which is the key to optimising, designing and distributing the correct marketing materials to the end user.

Retail and E-commerce -Inventory and Supply Chain

Inventory and Supply Chain

Keep a track of the inventory in real-time and utilize the key performance indicators to help maintain the inventory and supply chain more efficiently.

Case Studies

Digital Transformation and Re-imagining Business processes through Big Data

A leader in cash management and logistics, operating in all major cities in India. The client takes care of cash transport to and from banks and major cash based business units like super marts. They also provide other cash related services like providing cashiers. They have their base across major cities of India. Their offices in each city manage overwhelming number of vehicle and human resources addressing thousands of requests, each of which effects the revenues, transparency of business and credibility of the organization.