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Thought Grid

The excel of your business

Every Business phenomenon is but a fish bone of causes and effects. Have you ever realized that the CEO’s Monthly Business Summary report is nothing but a floating head of this fish bone chart. However, static, siloed reports are a thing of past. Mego, gives a beautiful new spin to the CEO’s summary sheet.

Thought grid is a cumulative effect of all the business phenomena. Also, a representation of how much road you have covered on your path to achieving various business objectives; the best cell by cell visualization of your business efficiency.

Thought grid is an excel-like interface with all the relevant business metrics and derived business measures that can help you get a quick understanding of the business state, direction and pace.

All the interrelations among the metrics are encoded in the system. Hence, if you ever wonder what happens if you cut down a revenue stream or expand a business operation, you can do it directly on this interface and look at ad-hoc results.

For a deeper simulative analysis you can delve into the simulation tools for each business metric and play with different levers that control the metric of interest.

Thought grid also acts as a gateway for your Business Diagnosis and Investigation.

If you wonder why a business metric is going South, you can quickly jump to the respective Thought Pin. A thought pin is a Machine driven Root Cause Analysis(RCA) template, which will guide you to the top causes(the exact details are configurable) of this change at different hierarchies of business.

Thought pin

Visionary Business Leaders who would like to actualize their strategy love to play with their data themselves, understand cause and effect relationships themselves. Thought pins are templates of frequently visited business contexts pinned to your taskbar/dashboard, where you can seamlessly interact with huge amounts of data, in a click-led navigation, that facilitates Business Investigation and Analysis.

Thought pins are usually used, to quickly investigate business operations and processes; alert the stakeholders regarding slippages in the Process Parameters and Business Measures.

Mego provides a simple drag and drop interface for you to define your own line of investigation. Our powerful indexing algorithms take charge and generate the data along your line of investigation with in a few seconds.

You can see the data in a simple click-led drill down chart with as many levels of navigation as you wish. The charts can show multiple axes to accommodate comparison among different metrics of interest.

At each level of navigation, you can download all the relevant data filtered as per a hierarchy. Business user gets a synopsis of the key mitigation seeking areas, with all relevant business touchpoints at a click.

You can assign different levels of the same thought pin to different stakeholders of the process. This makes sure that the entire team is following the same North Star Metrics to track process performance and efficiency.

Mego also lets you define benchmarks on standard or custom built business measures/metrics at different levels of hierarchy. Once the benchmarks are set, Mego automatically triggers emails to everyone who is responsible for dead weights or delays in the process.

Mego automatically updates these Thought Pins at a user-specified frequency every month, when fresh data is fed to the system.

In summary, thought pins let you:

  • Investigate root causes of changing business performance at a Month on Month/Week on Week/Year on Year or any other desired frequency.
  • Create as many Root Cause Analysis(RCA) templates as you wish, on-the-fly;
  • Investigate historic data, present business state and predictive signals
  • Generate automated process/operation specific alerts
  • Diagnose business and achieve consensus with all the stakeholders.

Thought sim

Optimization is seldom implementable, because off-the-shelf packages take unpredictably long time to run. However, you need to play with available options and finalize your strategic decision, almost by the hour. Which is why M76 uses one-of-their-kind optimizer-reoptimizer duos.

Optimizers run at a pre-decided frequencies and keep the optimal options ready for investigation and play.

When the user, decision maker, wants to nuance his decisions, Mego lets them choose different business levers to control the business metrics of interest. The levers are provided as interactive sliders and radio buttons for you to play around.

Mego takes in the slider values as experimental or real world inputs to Optimizer and Re-optimize the scenario to show the updated values of business metrics of interest.

Our powerful library of smart optimizers run so quick, that your slider play seems effortless and real-time.

Since Mego is encoded with the holistic business context, the number and choice of levers you want to use is only bound by your imagination. Even derived business measures can be used as business levers and objective functions for optimization.

Thought Play and Action Assistant

We want your dashboard building to be an intellectual activity. An activity of planning for future rather than collating charts.

Build experimental business measures that act as north star metrics that guide your financial and operational strategy. Set up levers to control these business measures and play around until the scenario gives you an intuition about the control you have on your strategy.

Plug in opportunity modelling modules to look at the risks and benefits of the strategy that you are exploring#

When you are confident that the plan will pan out, export it to dashboard and start your journey of strategy planning.
Build thought pins that are driven by the business measures you have built. Setup benchmarks at different levels and hierarchies. Assign roles and responsibilities to the key personnel to start implementation. Monitor the process using thought pins and the alert triggers.