Thought Chain™

To investigate business performance across several business dimensions, a Business Leader needs a flexibility to rework the Lines-Of-Investigation with varying hierarchies.

Non-technical personnel need an intuitive template to help them setup these lines-of-investigation and navigate the business nodes.

Thought chain is a tool that provides the Business User with this dexterity.

As with all other tools of Mego, thought chains impose no restriction on the size or nature of data.

Thought Pin™

Besotted with multitudes of data, business users often struggle to attribute the root-cause for many business phenomena.

Bolstered with algorithmic expertise and context-specific North Star Metrics, Thought Pins guide the Business User to narrow down to the root-causes of a business dynamic.

Mego guided by consulting metrics, makes it possible to evaluate complex metrics like Profitability or Year-on-Year Revenue, with just a couple of clicks. It analyses across multiple factor dimensions such as product category, sales geography, to pin-point game changers that should be targeted to effect these metrics.

Thought Sim™

Mego is trained on the nuances of business processes, to offer interactivity, to develop sand-box simulations of business scenarios.

The visualization technology offers interactivity through easy tools such as slider bars and direct inputs. Our back-end technology helps evaluate the impact of changing business parameters on-the-fly.

It is much like having a Strategy Assistant answering your questions.

Thought Grid™: The excel of Business

Business leaders often mentally crunch streams of data to arrive at a ball park business metric, be the Inventory or Working Capital. The abundance of Data does promise more such streams that the leader can crunch. However the human mind would hit computational limits.

Mego bridges this last mile for Business User. Also, several tacit mental computations of Business Leaders which could be Guiding Metrics of the organizations can also be built into Thought-grid, The Excel of Business.

Action Assistant

Data analysis is only considered complete if it can suggest users with the actions required to realize a target. Mego moulds its learning through the Decision Space to convert the calculations into Prescriptive Business Actionables.

This is the final mile of the entire process orchestration and the end goal of the data analytics journey and the outcomes manifest themselves as Business Actionables.

Thought Play™

Insight derivation has more than often been driven by specific human intervention or a consultant. Thought Play makes it possible for a Business Leader to experiment and intervene in the process of insight derivation by putting basic slice and dice tools in the hands of user.

It can also be used for creating ad hoc reports.