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Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme beauty, a beauty cold and austere like that of sculpture.

Betrand Russel

In WWII, when submarines became a dangerous offensive tactic of the Germans, a small team of British and American mathematicians turned big data into a commendable counter strategy assistant. From anticipating attacks-per-hour on coast, to, suggesting safe routes away from submarine radars, data analytics played a key role in guiding war operations. 

Even though the means to analyse data were very limited, they could provide several game changing prescriptions, which helped them shoot down the planes with much more efficiency. They effectively needed only 20% of the ammo they were using without analytics support.

If Data Analysts didn’t turn data into actionable suggestions for their leaders, or if leaders denied results because maths wasn’t aligned with their intuition; the winds of war would have taken a lot longer to turn, even the war outcome might have changed. This was way back when computational power was barely available.

The volume of data and heavy computational power has little intelligence value, if it can’t guide your efforts towards a defined objective.

If Artificial intelligence in itself was an inherent property of big data, Amazon servers would have probably taken over the world by now.

Data doesn’t hold intelligence, it holds Information. How a strategist uses this information is key to success. But wait! Before you jump and say that you are all set, let’s establish the fact that MIS REPORTS ARE NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF INFORMATION, they are just mature data points. They are the beginning of your journey and not its end.

Your Intelligence is the key to unlocking AI

Fulfill your strategic IT KRAs, in ways that work wonders. Adopt a Sense and Response software, that adds value to your organization for several decades to come.

Information, Interaction and Intelligence

Power of Big Data brought to the fingertips of strategists, as a Do It Yourself Analytics toolkit

If you think you are an organization leveraging the full potential of Data, you either have all the required Expert Systems built inhouse, or you are being told that it is all the value you can leverage from data. Either way, you are a blissful soul.

Knowledge carries the burden of responsibility. MEGO rapidly elevates the Information Quotient in your decisions and accelerates the pace of your planning. Our clients invest their precious time and money with us to adopt this agile decision support workspace.

If you are a data mature company where your Data Analytics is not making the cut as Decision Triggers, welcome to the exciting world of organizations tirelessly chasing the dream of AI.

The foundation of intelligence is the ability to discern. To discern all the root-causes of a phenomenon, to discern how much each business lever effects different metrics, and to discern what are the best options you have, given a business opportunity or a scenario.

To THINK is to ANALYSE the past, APPLY reason, take CONTROL of your future and EMPOWER yourself enough to make a decision.

MEGO is a Decision Support System to Assist your Thinking.

It is a Do It Yourself Analytics Toolkit built for decision-makers who are not trained in coding.

To give the best planning experience to the strategist, we equipped Mego with –

Cognitive Thought Tools, they mimic your Thinking flow

Thought pins to quickly investigate your business with ease;

Smart duos of optimiser-reoptimisers combinations that run on-the-go with in few minutes at max. You can analyse all your best options in every imaginable business scenario, with very minimal knowledge of coding.

Simulation modules to nuance your decision. Because, we know that you would choose a real world decision based on your business intuition, over a theoretical prescription given by software, any day of the week.  

Mego is built to empower you by de-leveraging Tech-support scaffoldings and play with data, nay! SIMULATE your future with your own hands. To be able to reimagine thinking and unleash the true potential of your Enterprise Data Repository.

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