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The decision improvement lifecycle is critical to maximising the value of decision management. The ability to implement a choice strategy quickly and efficiently, evaluate its success…

Decision-makers now want much more than data; they require actionable insights that are clear, relevant, and allow a forward-thinking strategy. Prescriptive analytics is one approach that can help your company find data-driven strategic decisions…

Building Knowledge based Decision Support Systems

Knowledge-based decision support systems are technologies intended to have more precise decision-making for the converging industries by allocating sufficient accurate and appropriate technology, information, and knowledge management.

Decision Support System in Business Intelligence

Decision Support System in Business Intelligence


Decision support systems are a type of business intelligence which assists businesses in making intelligent business decisions based upon lots of analysed data

A Paradigm shift from Human Intelligence to Assisted Intelligence

A computer’s ability to mimic human beings is just the foundation of a larger ROI value chain. The key is for organizations to be able to construct this ROI value chain in a way that business can connect to every echelon in it.

Digital Transformation Journey

Putting the jigsaw together for Digital Transformation

 Plans for Digitization have always been on whiteboards, and executive calendars for several years to start a digital journey. A detailed white paper for your reference to put together the various parts within a Digital Transformation Journey.